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Agricultural Buildings and barns

We have a wide range of experience in building farm buildings - general barns, cattle barns, hay barns, composting barns and other bespoke buildings. If required we can put in fit Gale Breakers and permanent cattle systems, gating, races, along with dirty and clean water systems, produce contoured concrete surrounds or otherwise give you a complete solution.

  • Fowlescombe Barns: Machinery or Implement Barn under construction
  • Fowlescombe Barns: Laying concrete
    All around the barns the concrete was laid such that when it rains the surfaces are cleaned and run down into soakaways with filters on This keeps the whole Estate very clean and tidy
  • Fowlescombe Barns: Cattle Barns and Implement Barns
    Cattle Barns and Implement Barns at Fowlescombe Farm in South Devon about 8 years after construction
  • Fowlescombe Barns: Viewed from the field
  • Fowlescombe Barns: Implement Barn
  • Fowlescombe Barns: Cattle Barn in use with award winning Angus
  • Fowlescombe Barns: Showing the area previously shown being concreted
  • Fowlescombe Barns: Implement Barn finished and in use
  • Fowlescombe Barns: View of barn complex
  • Fowlescombe Barns: View of barn complex
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As commercial builders we are happy to work with architects and structural surveyors to ensure customers get what they need

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