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When ever we are on site we get asked to do special projects, and have done a wide range of steel gates, stairs, bridges, walls, landscaping, etc. One of the most interesting was a raised garden which is held up by architect designed re-enforced stringers, and then we made a re-enforced concrete moat with re-circulating spring water supply. After 8 years we have had no problems with it.

  • Special Projects: Otter Nurseries - Fire Escape
  • Special Projects: This wind turbine needed a very robust re-enforced base and anchor point (needed for when it is lowered for servicing)
  • Special Projects: Custom Chimmney - Architect Designed
  • Special Projects: Use of Gabion Gages for a wall with dressed stone
  • Special Projects: Reenforced Concrete Strainers
  • Special Projects: The final landscape, before being planted out as a rockery
  • Special Projects: Raised water shoot into the moat
  • Special Projects: Moat Corner
  • Special Projects: Concrete Raised rockery
  • Special Projects: The moat at night
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